VCrown is a Photographer specializing in Botanical photography living halfway between Palo Alto, CA, USA, and Spain. When shooting he looks for Presences. Moments of intensity desappearing, intensity in the gesture. Auto de fe of the personality of the being. What we don´t want but possess. What we are and don´t want. Part of the Genesis.
Although originally his education was centered in International Relation at Bradford University, Uk, and the Johns Hopkins, SAIS, US and Italy, due to intensive world travelling VCrown developed a professional eye for photography. Visiting and living in more than 40 countries around the world made an impact in his way of capturing images.
His projects include:
  • Flora of the Spanish Royal Botanical Gardens, Madrid.
  • Philipines Landscapes of Butuan and Naga, NGO project.
  • Private Greenhouses. Madrid, Royal Botanical Gardens.
  • Biodiversity Station of Torretes, Mediterranean Spain, Alicante
  • Private Gardens.
  • Gaudi, The Last Architect.
New projects assigned include:
  • Documenting the Ecuatorian Rain Forest, July 2010
  • Private Gardens of Latin America.
  • Documenting the private live of river crabs, Vasque Country, Spain, August 2010.
  • Taxonomy Photography
  • Palo Alto Green Urban Life
  • San Francisco Gardens
  • Soya and Wheat Fields of Argentina
  • Vatican Architecture
(Extracts from VCrown, all permissions granted to reproduce the text)

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